SEO Packages and Our SEO Company Australia

Our Seo Company Australia is essential for any business whether it is a small photography business or a large corporate operation. The myth with most small business website owners are that they own a website and it will automatically go to the top of the search engines. This is just so wrong.

Seo Packages and Seo Company Australia

With SEO companies Australia the competition is very fierce and seo packages vary widely from what I call link building packages to complete high-end big budget SEO services. So really what you need to know is where your business lies and what SEO packages are available that will deliver increased rankings.

Seo Services and Your requirements

Your web design is a critical factor and why we promote WordPress web design as our premium website design packages. These Content management Systems have the ability to add fresh content and modify the website easily for search engine optimisation. Any quality SEO company Australia should tell you that a CMS web design will reward you greatly in the long run.

You need to understand your competition in your niche and this is critical. Most niches which are searching for local SEO packages are generally in the medium level of competition. For most the tools used to determine your SEO competition are not available or to expensive so you will rely on your SEO services company to give you a break down for you.

The next and one of the most important step of the process is keyword research. Forgot about targeting very broad and highly competitive keywords initially, you need to begin with long tail keywords. Long tail keywords, generally speaking have a modifier on the end such as review or Sydney for example. Any seo specialists Australia will tell that the longer the keyword the better it will be.

The next is picking a seo company in Australia is important are they offering link building or complete seo packages.

What is the difference between seo packages and link building

  1. Does the seo company Australia offer on page optimisation in their seo packages
  2. Does the seo company Australia offer keyword research in their seo packages
  3. Does the seo company Australia offer social media services in their seo packages
  4. Does the seo company Australia offer press releases in their seo packages
  5. Does the seo company Australia offer video submissions in their seo packages
  6. Does the seo company Australia offer directory submissions

If you answered yes then you are more than likely going to be in good hands, most SEO specialists in Australia are ethical

Seo Company Australia and Guaranteed ranking

Unfortunately, search engine optimisation takes time and the fact of the matter is no one can offer guaranteed first-page position one rankings. Most can offer ranking improvements but this should be expected for any seo packages that you are looking at so a guarantee will not be required you just move on if the search engine optimisation is not giving you the desired results.

Our advice is to not be fooled by this gimmick if I am a large company employing 6 full time seo services professionals and you are building 100 links per month you will never compete. Once again any seo specialist in Australia should help you understand this and should be honest.

Seo Packages and Easy Website designers

As a seo company Australia we include the following in our seo packages

  1. Onsite optimisation, including a custom site map, keyword positioning in your content,image optimisation, length of content( we can add content to your site for extra costs)
  2. Keyword research using paid tools not just the free Google keyword tool
  3. Directory submissions
  4. Article creation and submission
  5. Local classifieds listing ( free only)
  6. Press release submission(paid services and free)
  7. Web 2.0 website creation
  8. Social bookmarking
  9. Social syndication
  10. Video creation and submission (ultimate package only)
  11. All our seo packages are full time seo services hire.

Seo company australia and seo packages

As you can see our seo company Australia understands it takes time and effort which in most cases remains an ongoing commitment. Easy website designers seo packages are definitely not silver bullets in search engine optimisation takes time and if you are expecting results in one month then we are not the seo company Australia that you need.

Our seo packages are very complete and deliver results over time and if we are the seo company Australia you choose, Easy website designers will do their utmost to deliver the results you want.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Competition
  • On and Off site SEO
  • Video Creation
  • Paid Press Release
  • Hours/Month

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